Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Time for the annual Thanksgiving tantrum

Every year that I grow older, I say to myself "maybe it won't be so bad next year."  And every year, it gets worse.

Last night upon coming in to my apartment, I heard the neighbors.  But not like I normally do with their 6 year old talking up a storm or shouting while playing.  (By the way, I think this little one is going to grow into a very smart girl.)  Instead, I am gifted with hearing her mother and her boyfriend engaging in a shouting match about whose fault is what.  This is an argument that I have heard time and time again, but have thanked God that I am not one of the participants.  Blame fixing.  Here's a novel approach;  fix the problem, not the blame, OK?

"Look, I've been dating him since the 7th grade and I know that he's a cheater".  Thanks for that one, Maury.  Do you ever watch this maniac?  I watch him when I get to feeling down.  And the reason is that he parades a bunch of people on his show that are waaaay more worse off than me.  But the TV station calls this "reality".  Sure, it happens all of the time.  Your cousin impregnates your sister, your mom, and the neighbors two 14 year old daughters and then say it was their fault.

It is amazing what we accept in today's society as entertainment.  A good example of how we've fallen off of  the Cliffs of Normal is a TV show called American Hoggers.  But now there's Lady Hoggers.  Oh I can't wait for the eventual spinoffs; Child Hoggers and Mother Hoggers and Bulgarian Hoggers and Naked Hoggers.  Then there will be Hoggers Strike Back and Worlds Worst Hoggers and MegaHoggers and Hogger E.R.

And we wonder why our children will turn away from old TV shows like Bonanza, Bullwinkle and The Beverly Hillbillies and gravitate toward 16 and Pregnant, Jerseylicious and Bully Beatdown.  Why?  Because these shows show REAL LIFE.  Haven't seen these "teen" shows?"  Watch 'em.  Sit yourself down and watch.  You'll be amazed at how the words "bitch", "whore" and "pissed off" have entered into acceptable language for television.  Thanks MTV.

And why does it seem that more and more small towns are getting letters from a group called Freedom FROM Religion threatening to sue these communities for placing a manger scene in front of City Hall?  They claim that it violates the CONSTITUTIONAL right of "separation of church and state".  OK.  Find those words in the constitution and I'll kiss your butt in Tiny Town Square.  And MTV can film it for one of their shows.

Normally it is toward the end of my pseudo-rants that I come up with a solution.  Well, you know something?  I can't.  There is no solution.  It's only going to get worse.

Happy Thanksgiving.