Monday, May 2, 2011

Not Time to Party

The title of this latest spasm of mine is a direct quote from someone who I greatly care for and respect.  My singer/songwriter/guitarist/chef/innkeeper and all around pal, Cori Connors.  And she wrote this in response to the gala atmosphere that was just outside the White House last night when we all found out that American soldiers introduced Osama Bin Laden to Allah and his 72 virgins.  Cori accurately reflected that perhaps we should not celebrate over such a "sobering" act.

So why celebrate over killing someone?  That's what I thought when I got up this morning and reality set in.  Do we take the Old Testament stance calling it an eye for an eye?  The great Irish songwriter Tommy Sands wrote "one eye for another eye 'till everyone is blind."  Cori, you really made me think.

Many years ago, I was what some may call a "battlefield medic".  I was trained in caring for people under the worst conditions imaginable.  And then I was trained to get these same injured people out of harm's way by means of some flying machine.  They called it aeromedical evacuation.  I was taught to survive in those awful conditions.  And during all of this training, I really began to ask myself why?  Who calls the shots and who gives the orders so that men and women run headlong into a no-man's-land and try to end the life of another?

I'll tell you who.  Guys like Bin Laden.  Or Moammar Gadhafi.  Or that little slime-bucket who runs Iran.  I'm sure that they all smiled when they saw the twin towers of the World Trade Center topple.  Or when Flight 93 augured into the ground not far from where I am writing this blog.  And sure, we then retaliate by running headlong into their no-man's-land and ending a few lives over there.

Where's the sense of it all?  Truly, I don't know.  But I do remember one of my heroes, General George Patton who said that you don't win a war by dying for your country;  you win it by making the other dumb b*^&#)@! die for HIS country.  And that's what we did yesterday.  Bin Laden died for his country and his religion, a religion that literally advocates killing in it's so-called holy book.

The only solace is knowing that true Muslims do not practice holy war, or "jihad".  They practice in effect what Jesus taught us so many years ago.

The truth be told, most of me is sorry to have to see yet another person slaughtered in the name of peace.  But those who know me also know that a small part of me wants to throw confetti and shout hooray.

I know some of you don't understand this.  But you've not walked a mile in a pair of blood-stained jungle boots either.
And now the credits for the picture above.  On the far right is Ann, a true living Irish saint.  To her right is her neighbor, Caroline, who was Ann's across the street neighbor in Dublin and moved over 60 miles to be Ann's across the street neighbor in County Offaly.  What a tribute!!  And to her right is Claire, Ann's youngest daughter and my good "buddy".  To Claire's right is a friend that they had just met a few days prior on their most recent trip to "Amerikay".  I love these guys.  Oh, and NONE of them drink.  The Guinness is just borrowed !!!!!!!!!