Monday, October 3, 2011


I'd like to talk about friends for a minute.  No, not the TV show, however I'd like to personally let Jennifer Aniston know that I'm available.  But real honest-to-goodness friends.  The first thing you have to know is that these types of friends can be usually numbered on one hand.  You recognize these people in your life when you realize that you'd donate body parts for them or spring from your warm mid-winter bed to go to them if they are in trouble.

I believe that these social networking sites aren't worth the powder to blow them all up.  That being said, I do wander on FaceTube every now and then to check up on some dear friends of mine.  They rarely post information there but when they do, it's something that I want to read.

Today, I was appalled at reading one person's posting that said that they would be in the area next weekend.  What you need to know is that for this person to be "in the area" would require a drive of about 22 hours.  This person told her friend that they would be available next Saturday to meet.  The alleged friend of this person then went on to say that that they were not available and then listed an entire litany of worthless and meaningless events that they were involved with and that alas, they would NOT be around to see them.  SHAME on you.  I'm not going to comment to the person who is going to be traveling but I must say that if it were me, that alleged "friend" would be ratcheted down to a lower level of friends near the bottom of my list.

In our society today, we have totally lost the meaning of the word "friend".  We wouldn't know a good friend if one came up and offered their own blood for you.  Now I know that you might be thinking that this is extreme and foolish, but when you put that statement into the context of a person needing surgery and blood donors, it sort of makes sense.  What is true is that we have a lot of convenient friends who we turn to when we have nothing better to do, but very few truly good friends for whom we'd drop everything to help in a second.

One of the other problems today is that we do reap what we sow.  If we aren't good enough friends to others, then when it's time to need a good friend, our personal Rolodex is blank.

There was a song once sung by Ireland's Finbar Furey and written by Donald O'Keefe called At the End of the Day.  It's an old song whose words state; "And when the new dawn begins to break, open your eyes, let your heart awake, be ready to take what the day may send, and be ready to make every man as a friend, nobody knows what a power you've found, so do what you can for the others around, carry them high when they seem to be low, as on your way you go.

Shoot, I don't need to say another word.

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